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Sports Performance

Offering High Caliber Sports Performance Programs

Elevate your skills to the next level with our sports performance training programs in West Essex, NJ and surrounding areas. XCEL Sports & Fitness’s experienced trainers are dedicated to helping every athlete define their goals and motivate them to achieve these goals. When athletes commit themselves to our programs, they push themselves past their limits into success. We offer multiple programs to ensure each athlete gets the most out of their training. Our our program is a detailed assessment, providing athletes with a customized design. It focuses on taking athletes from their current performance level to maximizing strength and minimizing weaknesses. It includes cutting-edge equipment, methodology, and time-tested traditional methods for performance enhancement.



This program combines neuro cognitive and sport specific training to instruct the brain and body to work more efficiently together.

The main components of the program include:

  • Learning the correct athletic mechanics
  • using *SMARTFIT Strike Pods to enhance mental performance
  • Advancing quickness and maximizing lateral speed, agility, and change of direction
  • Maximizing first-step quickness, explosion, and reaction time
  • Enhancing upper and lower body coordination and balance
  • Developing overall body strength
  • Enhancing joint mobility and stability
  • Providing mental framework for maximized body control
  • Improve visual awareness & accuracy
  • Improve self confidence


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Our Team Training Model allows our coaches to teach an entire team to focus on the fundamentals of the team’s needs. The team learns how to develop their academic performance through the proper mechanics of athleticism, build a foundation of athleticism and improve their fundamentals. The program is customized to fit the needs of each team. Our performance training programs for teams and groups help improve their confidence and helps them grow as a team. Coaches and parents are encouraged to give positive input to further the success of the program.
Our small group training model allows you to pick a time that best suits your needs to work with one of our experienced sports performance coaches on an individual program that’s best for your group.



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